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  • Taunton 15 hotspots #1 identified in 2016 survey of cyclists

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    Numerous people responding to the survey experience safety issues with this location. Some comments here:
    Town centre around the monument, the cobbles are a night mare and shake you badly, I have had my bike lights shaken off before, and had to save them from being run over. You cannot cycle quickly over the cobbles.

    Taunton Town Centre - cobbles & volume of traffic

    I go through the centre of town. I have had a couple of accidents on the cobbled surface outside the market house over the years of cycling this route. Both resulted in injuries including concussion, facial injuries requiring stitching, a shoulder and hip injury which required physio and steroid injections to resolve. The second of these happened on a wet day, when I was forced to brake because a bus driver, having seen me coming, decided to pull out in front of me. He was relatively remorseful, but it was an accident that would not have happened if 1, he hadn't taken the decision that a cyclist didn't matter, and 2, the road surface was smoother as the braking action unsteadied me on a rough surface - the fall was inevitable as soon as I touched the brakes really. As a consequence, I now cycle along the back of the market house as I cannot bring myself to cycle across the cobbled road surface.

    Cobblestones around parade

    High Street; ridiculous cobbled roundabout making town centre very dangerous

    Cobbles in front of Market Hall

    Cobble stones on roundabout in centre of town feels unsafe and dangerous for cyclists.

    COBBLES on the main parade

    cobbles in town centre

    'cobbles ' Market house - dangerous surface - traffic in a hurry .

    Cobbles at Market House roundabout,

    Cobbles around Burma Memorial make it impossible to take hand off handlebars to signal and are treacherous at best of times

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